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Tea tree leaf extract (6,800ppm), Centella asiatica extract, Matricaria flower extract, Brussels sprout extract

- Comfortable pore and sebum care
 A pore cleanser, keeping your skin moist and supple after washing
- Use every day on your sensitive skin
 A forming cleanser, removing impurities without irritations: okay to use everyday
- Soft and fresh without tightness after washing
 Keeps your skin moist, light and fresh with natural soothing ingredients
- Perfect makeup cleansing
 Makes your skin smooth and bright
 Bright and natural tone up instantly
- Patented ingredients UP, harmful ingredients DOWN
 Soothes and moisturizes your skin simultaneously, containing Melaleuca alternifolia, Centella asiatica and Brassica oleracea(Brussel sprouts) extracts

MULDREAM Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

  • Comfortable pore and sebum care
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