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We are more than just Korean skincare import company. Our business began with a deep appreciation for the diverse beauty of African skin and a quest to find skincare solutions that elevate it.

여자 친구

About us

We are a company that supplies and sells various and innovative Korean cosmetics through multiple distribution networks.

 KOREA has become a global leader in skincare and beauty blending state - of - the - art technology with diverse ingredients to create the essencs of skincare. So kocoNdesign can provide a solution for various skin concerns.

We select have high-functionality, genuine patent-technology and high-quality ingredients.

Why us

We are a company that responds to the changing market through continuous Korea brand discovery and supplies reasonable product prices through MOU with manufactures.

We will help all skincare companies acress Africa to join us on this empowering journey that will not only elevate your offerings but also help redefine beauty standards and enrich the skincare.

 The kocoNdesign will listen to your new needs and try to find together results that meet your expectations.

For you

We are exporting to other countries on the African continent through various transportation methods.

( Basic conditions : FOB, TT )

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