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90ml   NEW   

3 sheets in 1 Pouch (9ml) * 10 Pouch

- Moisturizing+Soothing+Exfoliation=3 in 1 PAD
(green tea water 77.9%, Houttuynia cordata extract 9.8%, PHA 0.05%)
- Add moisture to your dry and dull skin and prep it to absorb skin care products in the next steps of your skincare routine. 
- Soothe the skin tired from adverse factors and set the right foundation for healthy skin.
- It contains a small amount of PHA, a hypoallergenic ingredient for dead cell removal, and helps to easily keep a healthy skin texture every day.


Sweet Cinnamon Clean Up Toner Pad 90ml

  • Hypoallergenic toner pads help to keep your skin clean and smooth.
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