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Brightening, Anti-wrinkle, UV protection at the same time.

Sun care without stickiness.

Sun care with natural tone up.


Product Benefits

UV light blocking for freckle care and sun protection for elasticity! Sunstick with UV protection


1. UV protection, solar protection! Care for freckles and elasticity caused by melanin oxidation !


2. Contains UV Mela Complex to care for active oxygen, the main culprit of photoaging and thermal aging


3. Correct dark tones, dull tones, and red tones with a natural tone-up that gives vitality


4. Greasy, stickiness, smearing ZERO! Fresh use with sebum adsorption porous powder


5. Lymphatic therapy effect while applying! Provides a clearer and healthier complexion


6. Skin care for moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, elasticity! Completes dense and firm skin by replenishing lack of nutrients

MEDI-PEEL PEPTIDE 9 Bio Sun Stick SPF 50+ PA+++

  • Peptide
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