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200ml / 6.76 fl. oz.    NEW  

The refreshing low irritation toner contains green tea to soothe the skin. 

It deeply penetrates the skin to keep it hydrated from the inside out.

The product utilizes a special moistirizing method that delivers a higher amount of active ingredients at a quicker rate than other toner.

1. Deep absorption properties to relieve dry skin up!

2. Instantly moisturizes the skin up!

3. Instantly soothes the skin up!

The product helps repair the skin's broken oil-moisture balance by restoring its foundation to keep the skin texture firm and smooth.


B_LAB Matcha Hydrating Facial Toner

  • Matcha(camellia sinensis leaf extract) 485,000ppm
  • Mastic Gum 10,00ppm
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